Reni Varbanova was born on 17 February 1966 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She  works at the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, BAS as a technician-meteorologist. She grew up among the paintings of her grandfather – the great Bulgarian marine painter professor Alexander Mutafov. Interest, love and respect for art are the things that were accompanying Reni’s childhood but only twelve years ago she dared to grab the brush.

Her paintings are abstract compositions, in which she expresses her feelings and thoughts. Typically, she uses bright, sunny tones to load a positive energy in people. The artist seeks to transmit her impulses and to make the viewer reflect on them.

The cheerful mood and faith in good are weaving into the kaleidoscope of colourful fantasies of the displayed paintings.

With native delicacy and sense of beauty, the artist reveals the eternal desire of man to know distant world and to penetrate deeper into the layers of his soul.